Cupertino FC Competitive Program Refund Policy Effective June 1, 2017
Spring and Fall Seasons Competitive Soccer Fee Refund Policy
Cupertino FC, or CupFC, collects one total fee per player per season, covering, among other things, registration, coaching, fields, referees, equipment, insurance, etc. There are many processes and expenses incurred immediately upon registration; therefore, a portion of this fee is non-refundable from the registration day. Soon after the season starts, the season’s remaining expenses are finalized and the rest of the fee becomes non-refundable. Below is the list for refunds:

-----Registration Day-----
$250 is non-refundable as soon as the player registration is complete.

-----Spring: before 3/31 / Fall: before 8/31-----
The refund amount is prorated.
Refund equals to the Competitive Soccer Fee minus $250 non-refundable portion and minus 8% of the remaining amount for each week the team has completed training, including partial weeks. While the seasons typically begin in early March for Spring and early August for Fall, seasonal practice dates and pre-season tournament selection are at a team’s discretion.

-----Spring: March 31 / Fall: August 31-----
Last day for refunds. (Cut-off date)

-----Spring: after March 31 /Fall: after August 31-----
No refunds. See exceptions for Medical-Related refund policy.

1. Refund requests will be processed using an effective date of when the request was made or the date the injury occurs – please send an email to, with a cc to your team manager. Please provide the player’s name, team, the reason for withdrawal, your phone number and address. In no circumstances will a request be considered after the respective season has ended.
2. Refunds may take up to 4 weeks to process.
3. Please note that each team may have a Team Fee that the player is responsible to pay. The Team Fee is set by each team and has its own conditions; but due to the financial commitments made by each team to leagues, tournaments, and equipment as teams are formed, it is highly likely that the Team Fee is non-refundable. Contact your Team Manager for more information.

Medical-Related refund policy:
Injury or other medical related cancellation or withdrawal: (doctor’s note is required)
a. A doctor’s note is required for all injuries.
b. First game to third game – refund amount equals to the Competitive Soccer Fee minus $250 non-refundable portion and multiply by up to 25%.

Summer Camp and Winter Camp (if applicable) Refund Policy

Up to 7 days prior to the 1st day of camp
full refund less a $50 per player administrative fee

Within 7 days prior to the 1st day of camp
no refunds will be given unless the player suffers an injury preventing him/her from completing the soccer camp (doctor’s note required). In such situations, the refund amount is prorated by unattended camp days, after deducting $50 administrative fee.